Fuselage & Landing Gear Primed

It has been an incredible six years since I have updated this Skyotë project blog, and unfortunately, there has not been a great deal of progress on the project.  There have been some significant acquisitions, including the flying wires (via a Skyotë group buy) as well as drag/anti-drag wires and rod ends. I also purchased one of the CNC water jet cut fitting kits developed … Continue reading Fuselage & Landing Gear Primed

Compression Strut End Fittings on Lathe

The wing compression strut end fittings, per the plans, need to be machined on a lathe.  Either you can farm out the job to your local machinist, or you can take the insane route and decide to learn a completely new skill from scratch and then invest money in the required equipment to do the job.  That way you can be sure to invest several … Continue reading Compression Strut End Fittings on Lathe

Drilling rear wing spars

All 4 rear wing spars have been drilled using spar drilling jigs.  Through the kind assistance of John Robert,his CNC data for the main and rear spars was used by Johnathon Pritchard to fabricate steel water-jet-cut drilling jigs for the spars that precisely place every rivet and attach bolt hole in the spar webs and spar caps.  The combination of the jigs and the separate … Continue reading Drilling rear wing spars

Flying Wires

These are the flying wires I purchased as part of a group buy by the Skyotë Type Club.  We ordered around five sets of wires and got about $1000 savings each over the price for a single set.  We ordered them through Harvey Swack of Great Lakes Aircraft (although I think they all ultimately get ordered through Steen Aero Lab, which the U.S. dealer for … Continue reading Flying Wires