Long Blog Hiatus Ended!

It has been a couple years since I’ve updated the blog, but there has been some work done that was a least partly Skyotë-related.  The most obvious change on the blog is the appearance change – I hope you all like it!  I took a couple of shop classes at the local community college, one for welding (arc, gas, MIG, TIG) and one in machine shop (lathe & mill).  These were taken to develop basic skills to apply to my Skyotë project, but also served to divert funds towards new tools versus Skyotë part and materials.  I will cover these new tools and their role in my project in future blogs.

Scratch-made clamp I fabricated in community college machine shop class. 16 weeks of classes and $350 tuition to make a $15 clamp!

I also became distracted from my project by other interests/endeavors.  In particular, over the past couple of years I got heavily involved in shooting sports, particularly in high-power rifle competitions (across-the-course and F-class); this has led to a further diversion of finitely limited funds from my Skyotë towards firearms, reloading equipment, and ammunition.  I also have gotten back into photography; I was involved in 35mm film photography in my younger days, but have now gotten more involved in the digital photography realm.  I will continue with these new areas of interest, but hope to invest more time and money in the Skyotë in the future.

Landing my RV-4 at Oshkosh

I have also stayed involved in flying, taking my RV-4 to local area fly-ins, the Oshkosh fly-in every year, as well as the major antique/classic aircraft fly-ins at Blakesburg IA and Brodhead WI.  The innovation and beautiful craftsmanship of the many homebuilders and restorers has served as an inspiration for me, encouraging what I hope will be a high standard in my Skyotë.