Compression Strut End Fittings on Lathe

The wing compression strut end fittings, per the plans, need to be machined on a lathe.  Either you can farm out the job to your local machinist, or you can take the insane route and decide to learn a completely new skill from scratch and then invest money in the required equipment to do the job.  That way you can be sure to invest several … Continue reading Compression Strut End Fittings on Lathe

Flying Wires

These are the flying wires I purchased as part of a group buy by the Skyotë Type Club.  We ordered around five sets of wires and got about $1000 savings each over the price for a single set.  We ordered them through Harvey Swack of Great Lakes Aircraft (although I think they all ultimately get ordered through Steen Aero Lab, which the U.S. dealer for … Continue reading Flying Wires